Great Business Resources in our Backyard!


Hello all,

Since I have started to do more research for my new adventure, being a Marketing Director, I have come across many different resources that I had absolutely no idea existed, and they are right here in NC!

Thanks to my very smart partner, we were able to get an appointment with two wonderful counselors from the  UNC Charlotte Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC). How much did that cost? Well, prepare to have heart attack: nothing! The service is absolutely free, and they can advise you on so many different subjects! Small business ownership, certificates, licenses, how to create a marketing plan, and so many more I don’t even know about yet.

After a one-hour meeting, I came out with a huge to do list for our business. Not only did they give us guidelines, but they also referred us to other companies that offer some of the services we need in order to grow. As if this wasn’t wonderful enough, they will help us throughout the entire process, and the only payment required is your gratitude.

This service is not only available in Charlotte, NC, which is where I live. You can contact the counselors from any of the UNC campuses across NC. I strongly encourage you to do so, as there might be many things that you are missing out on in regards to growing your business simply because you are not aware of them.

My future postings, dear interpreters and translators of NC, will be showing you some of the specific tasks I have completed because of the initial meeting I had with these two great counselors.

Click Here to access their website.

If you know of any other services or companies that offer assistance to small businesses, such as those from freelance interpreters and translators (yes, we are all small business owners), please share them!

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