Back from the Dead…the Busy Student Interpreter


First and foremost, I want to apologize for being absent for so long! Let’s just say that good things are happening, but they all happened at the very same time. Hey, this is just one one of the many lessons of growth, so I will take it in gladly!

I am now on a new chapter of my interpreting career, yet still a student at the same time. I am currently learning about note taking, legal translations, and much more. I enjoy every minute of it.

However, the most important subject I am learning at this time is marketing. Why you ask? Well, because I am finally changing gears and leaving my regular job in order to pursue my dream job: Marketing Director for an interpreting company. Yes, life is good! It is also crazy, busy, stressful, confusing, but so good!

Since I have not written anything for so long, I figured this post would update you on what was going on with me, the student blogger, and to ensure you that I will be writing again with useful, informational and great material from everything I am learning at this time. As for now, I will actually ask you, my dear readers, to help me with suggestions on how to sell our services, create leads, increase website views, better social media activity, create marketing materials, and all of the other fun stuff that goes into making a company go to the next level!

Please, I am eager to hear your suggestions and recommendations. Go!

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