The Intimidating Task of Creating my Logo

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“Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English–but are great in remembering signs” ― Karl Lagerfeld

If you have ever owned a business, or have worked as a freelancer, then you know exactly what I am talking about. You are not the only person that is doing what you are doing; there are many, many others out there; some of those other freelancers are a lot better than you are, simply for the fact that they have a lot more experience than you. The overwhelming beginning stage of promoting yourself can be intimidating when there is so much competition out there. However, us newbies need to look at it from another perspective: every single one of those seasoned, amazing and experienced freelancers started out the same way we did.

When it comes to starting your own freelancing adventure, there has been a common denominator from all the sources I have researched: create your brand. One of the most important aspects of this step is coming up with a logo for your business, in this case including the team of me, myself and I. Confession: I am a very impatient person, so I went ahead and sort of created a logo by myself, which I did not like. I realized quickly that my logo was something I was going to see every single day, that my clients would associate this image with my services, and that, eventually, many companies would come to know it as the image that represented my company, Quick Click Translations. Instead of using my brains for a change and hire a professional service, I created a second logo. I do not hate it, but I do not love it.

I just started listening to podcasts related to the translation business. I happened to come across a great one from Marketing Tips for Translators, hosted by Tess Whitty. The episode was titled “Outsourcing for Translators”, and the guest speakers were Corinne McKay and Eve Bodeux. All of the them agreed that outsourcing some aspects of your business, especially the ones that we know we are not good at, it’s not an expense, but rather an investment. If you read any entrepreneurial books, you will see that investing in the growth of your business is essential to your success.

The most important aspects of your branding, according to a class I took at the University of San Diego Extension, instructed by the wonderful Judy Jenner, are the following:

  • Value proposition
  • Message
  • Consistency
  • Repetition
  • Positive associations

I personally know a very young, vibrant and wonderful graphic designer. Her name is Claire Geary, and I am currently working with her in order to create my final and unique logo that will highlight my talents, personality and services. You shall see it once it’s ready!

What did it take for you to come up with your logo?

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