My Resume: From Good to Great!

Resume Cartoon

I recently took a class called “Strategic Marketing & Branding for Translators & Interpreters”, and one of the lessons was based on how to create a great resume as a translator. Due to the fact that our profession is directly related to words and writing , we have an extra layer of pressure to have a perfect resume, with beautiful writing, without any misspelled words, and perfectly presented. Makes you sweat a little, doesn’t it?

Thankfully, our instructor provided an additional link for us to read about this subject: Curriculum Vitae That Works in the Translation Industry. It was written by Marta Stelmaszak, and it has many tips that are very useful.

One of the things I learned from this lesson is how important it is to personalize and customize your resume for a specific customer or project. I know it can be time consuming to have to adjust this document over and over, but, don’t you want to stand out from all of the other translators that might be applying for the same project you are? Don’t you want to go from being good to being great? Even if it takes extra time, and if I do not feel like doing it sometimes, I am certainly going to follow this rule.

Here is a prime example for you. I am trying to gain a new customer, and it happens to be a company that I worked for as an account manager. Imagine I send them my resume without stating that I have personally worked there, that I have specific and advanced knowledge about their products, that I personally wrote instructions on some of their internal procedures, and that I managed one of their biggest accounts. Do you think all of these details would make me stand out from other translators trying to gain their business? All of that information is extremely important and relevant to my talents and ability to do a great translation for this company.

Do you have any tips you can share with us about things that have made your resume stand out? I would love to hear other ideas that can help many of us!

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